Evaluation of Supply Chain Risk Management for Material Procurement in Oil Industry


  • Ali Qureshi
  • Mahwesh Jabeen
  • Dr. Saima Akhtar


Remote territory areas, Cruel condition, Clone parts, Acquisition activities


The oil business is viewed as a noteworthy industry as it gives vitality to every single other industry. This industry is presented to different dangers because of extraordinary conditions, for example, remote territory areas, cruel condition, hardware, and useful building materials that are solely made for this industry. These conditions can upset and compromise the presences of the business. The motivation behind this examination is to explore the job of production network chance administration in the oil industry and to see how obtainment professionals survey store network chance administration to accomplish smooth acquisition tasks. Subjective and quantitative (triangulation) was embraced for this examination. This contained the examination of 50 obtainment users associated directly/indirectly. This exploration finds that specialist organizations and temporary worker organizations are the most elevated rate inside partners, who are rehearsing supply chance administration systems. Nonetheless, this rate is still low inside its gathering. This examination likewise recognizes sorts of dangers that significantly influence the execution of acquisition activities, for example, buying clone parts. It additionally investigates how the thought of hazard the board can reshape store network the board.