Relationship between Consumer Motivations and Sustainable Consumer Behavior in a Developing Market


  • Kamran Khan
  • Dr. Irfan Hameed


Goal-Framing theory, normative motivations, hedonic motivations, gain motivations, consumer behavior


The paper discussed the concepts presented in the Goal-Framing theory in the context of developing markets like Pakistan. The theory discussed three goals that effect the consumer behavior including normative motivations, hedonic motivations and gain motivations. For the purpose of gauging the consumer behavior, consumer intentions to purchase sustainable product was taken as an endogenous variable. The data was gathered from hybrid car users of Pakistan. These cars are expensive as compare to normal cars for two reasons, one because the cars are technologically advanced and second because they are not locally manufactured and all the hybrid cars available in the country are imported. The data was tested using Smart PLS where measurement model and structural model were applied to check the validity, reliability and hypotheses. As per the results, the marketers and institutional policy makers are suggested to make their strategies accordingly.