Extrinsic Regulations and Basic psychological Needs: Drivers of Self-Determined Motivation towards Recycling Intention.


  • Sana Sajid Bahria University Karachi
  • Dr. Rao Muhammad Rashid Bahria University Karachi


Extrinsic Regulations, Self-Determined Motivation, Basic psychological needs, Self Determination Theory; Recycling Intention.


Recent climate crises have taken the taken the world by storm. Ongoing environmental degradation has raised several questions about human activities that would be effective to protect the ecosystem. Following the climate catastrophe, now a day’s businesses are transitioning towards green marketing practices focusing on pro-environmental behaviors of consumers i.e., green purchases, recycling behavior and conservation of energy. This study emphasizes the recycling domain of pro-environmental behaviors. According to a study Pakistan is the 5th most vulnerable country to get affected from climate related crisis. This could only be curtailed if consumers favor ‘sustainable consumption’ for the use and reuse of products. In this regard this study proposes a comprehensive framework that would investigate what are the motivational drivers that have an impact on ‘Consumer Recycling Intention of Pakistani household’. For this purpose, in-depth analysis of recycling motivation and Intention has been conducted for the identification of key motivational factors and drivers that may shape their intentions to recycle in their routine life. Quantitative data has been collected from 303 respondents through structured online questionnaire and was analyzed using SMART PLS(SEM). Findings reveal the significant impact of Basic Psychological needs and Extrinsic Regulations on Extrinsic and Intrinsic motivational factors respectively. Whereas these regulations proved to be significant drivers of self-determined motivation towards recycling Intention. Based on empirical evidence, study has proposed a model, it includes suggested motivational initiatives that businesses may incorporate into their marketing practices and Policy makers may enact laws while keeping determinants of the model in consideration.

Author Biographies

Sana Sajid, Bahria University Karachi

Sana Sajid

PhD Scholar

Department of Management Studies

Bahria University Karachi Campus

Dr. Rao Muhammad Rashid, Bahria University Karachi

Dr. Rao Muhammad Rashid Senior Assistant Professor BS Project Coordinator Department of Management Studies Bahria University Karachi Campus