The use of Artificial Intelligence in the context of Business to Consumers Firms in Pakistan


  • Muhammad Waqas Rana Assistant Professor, Iqra University,
  • Dr. Mirza Amin Ul Haq Associate Professor, Iqra University,


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Marketing Strategies, Business to, Consumer Firms


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a growing discipline in the Business field that is making inroads into the corporate world. Because of the concept's intricacy, it's critical to grasp what AI is and how it may be implemented into a company's marketing processes. The study's main aim was to use the information and insights congregated from marketing managers in the retail industry to gain a holistic view of the current and future aptitudes of artificial intelligence in marketing to provide recommendations to business -to- consumers firms in Pakistan. The core data in this study was gathered by using qualitative approaches, including in-depth interviews. Thematic analysis approaches were used to analyze the major data, and five key themes were identified for further investigation. According to the findings, businesses that use technology in their business strategy have an advantage over other firms that continue to work in traditional ways. Furthermore, humans are incapable of predicting, analyzing, and personalizing one-to-one marketing messages to consumers at scale and with precision. Companies should not be afraid of technology, but rather embrace it across the board, keeping ethical and data privacy concerns in mind.