A Study to Observe Factors of Internal Marketing and its Impact on Employees’ Job Satisfaction: Evidence from Karachi Pharmaceutical Industry


  • Muhammad Zubair
  • Kazi Kabeer
  • Emadul Karim
  • Mohammad Qutubuddin Siddiqui


Internal Marketing, Job Satisfaction, Karachi Pharmaceutical Industry


This study refers towards the significance of internal marketing (IM) for employee job satisfaction of pharmaceutical industry in Karachi. The backbone are the employees if we talk about any organization for the overall business performance and productivity therefore organization need to maintain its workforce through proper training & development, motivation, attractive salary and compensation & developmental plan and internal marketing plays a vital role in this context. Several studies have already been published about the importance of IM with highlighting the multiple areas for the execution and betterment of whole business performance. To fulfill the purpose of this study a questionnaire was prepared on close ended type with likert scaling approach to collect the data from employees of production, sales and head office management lower to top management staff of different national and multinational pharmaceuticals companies. The collected data from 100 respondents shows that to make a satisfactory job environment, companies have to focus more on practices of internal marketing. Due to limitation of time and cost, this study covered only industry of Karachi and it is recommended to further analysis for pharmaceutical industry of other cities of the Pakistan with special reference to internal marketing.