Consumer Purchase Intention for Celebrity Endorsed Products: A Study on Pakistan Clothing Industry


  • Dr. Aamir Adam Associate Dean KASB Institute of Technology


Celebrity Endorsement, Purchase Intention, Attractiveness, Expertise, Trustworthiness, Product Fit, Pakistan, Clothing Industry


This study examines the impact the use of celebrity endorsements has on the purchase intentions of consumers specifically in the Pakistani clothing industry. This study focuses on the consumer who witnesses celebrities in different Pakistani clothing ads and overall what impact they have on their purchase intentions towards the product being endorsed. A total of 5 variables are covered in this study out of which there was one independent variable (Purchase intention) and four dependent variables (Attractiveness, Trustworthiness, Expertise, and Product fit). The data collection was done through a quantitative method using a questionnaire to gather primary data from Pakistani consumers. The population studied are the individuals in Pakistan who are consumers of the Pakistani clothing industry. Since the population is too widespread and not feasible considering the limitations of the study at this point a sample is taken. A total of 380 individuals from Karachi are used as the respondents for this study. The results of this study are that each of the constructs of the variables studied using the questionnaire has an impact on the variable except the first through sixth constructs of purchase intentions. Through running KMO and Bartlett the results were above the threshold of .7 showing that each of the constructs of each variable present in the questionnaire has an impact on the variables. Furthermore, the significance defined that the questionnaire is valid and further tests can be run. Additionally, the regression tests identified that each of the tested variables has no significance on consumer purchase intentions. Based on the reliability results it is also evident that every construct of every variable has shown reliable results except for 3 constructs of each attractiveness and purchase intention. Overall, the findings of this research show that all of the studied dimensions do not have a sign on the purchase intentions of consumers in the Pakistani clothing industry and conclude that there are other factors than celebrity endorsements that impact the Consumer of the Pakistani clothing industry’s purchase intentions.