The Influencing Factors of Employee Performance and its effects on Performance Appraisal of the Employees on Higher Education Sectors of Karachi, Pakistan


  • Muhammad Masood Mir
  • Hina Amin


Competency building, training and development, employees work behavior, HRM


Employees are the backbone of any organization, retaining employee performance is favorable for an organization. Organizations can be in boom at the time when employees feel good in the organization and required to retain the best performances of the employees to be productive for the organization in the long term. Similarly, the aim of this research is to find out the factors influencing on retaining employees‟ performance within the Private sectors of Higher education in Karachi Pakistan. As these factors are not tested and researched in the higher education sectors of Pakistan. For the same the quantitative research is conducted to investigate the relation between accountability, competency building, training and development, employees work behavior and feedback on retaining employee‟s performance. Data for the study is collected by using structured close ended questionnaires from different private universities of Karachi Pakistan. Furthermore, the data have been coded and tested on SPSS, reliability, regression and ANVOA is applied for finding out the validity of the data and the relationship of the model. The test tells appraisal have very positive and compelling impact on retaining employees‟ performance and this performance factors also enhances the chances of being in the positive appraisal over the period of time.