Contexts and Faculty Belief Matters: Problems in Pedagogical Shifts among Faculty Members of Business Schools: A Study on Pakistan Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), Karachi Sindh, Pakistan


  • Muhammad Masood Mir Institute Of Business Management (IOBM)
  • Dr. Munir Hussain Institute of Business Management (IoBM), Karachi, Pakistan
  • Dr. Mushtaq Ali Jariko University of Sindh, Institute of Business Administration, Pakistan


Pedagogies, Shifts, Teaching methodologies, Quality education, Faculty beliefs


In the dimension of education quality, it has become quite popular in recent tenure, as internationally it is analyzed that education is exaggerated towards the context of faculty approach and their brilliance in the respective field. This study focused on the attitudes and beliefs that stop/encourage them to focus on the methodological shifts and the role of professional development in their lectures and make them more interesting for the students. This research is qualitative. The analytical triangulation concept has been used for the collection of the data; three different sources were used to authenticate the data and the accuracy of the responses Open-ended questionnaires, Focus Groups, and interviews were the data collection method used in this research study. It has been found that there are several internal and external pressures on the faculty members that create hurdles to focus on their teaching methodologies. Too many responsibilities latch them with too much pressure and no time to think about the teaching methodologies. Further, specialists ought to ponder all facets and worries of the teaching staff and encourage the faculty members to implement innovative methods as well as improve pedagogies.