The mediation of customer satisfaction and moderation of Price: Evidence from the generation Y users of cell phones


  • Kamran Khan
  • Dr. Irfan Hameed


brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, price, generation Y


The purpose of conducting this study is to identify and explain the drivers of brand loyalty with customer satisfaction as mediator and the role of pricing because Pakistan’s market is flooded with the presence of imported or refurbished cell phones. The research is focused on generation Y of Pakistani consumers. It is recommended that cell phone companies operating in urbanized developing societies must give due importance for activities that would ensure customer satisfaction and price, if they want to have committed customers in their targeted markets where there is a surge of refurbished/imported cell phones. The study will contribute to the literature of where customer satisfaction acts as mediator and price as moderator between customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. The importance of customer satisfaction and price in brand loyalty model increases the scope and hence it adds the value to the literature.